Progress is made by lazy men looking for easier ways to do things – Robert A. Heinlein

November 27, 2007

I was thinking the other day about this blog, how I don’t blog often enough, and why that might be. I found plenty of excuses, of course the real reason is because im not motivated to, but there are a few other reasons around it. Firstly, perhaps wordpress isnt the best, I mean its good, I like it, but i find it an absolute nightmare to make my blog appear in the correct font, I normally have to write it in Word (gasp), then paste it into wordpress, then spend at least 10 minutes formating, a pretty terrible experience.

 Yet it appears from the interface im typing into now I cant even select a font, surely thats a missing feature, I mean I dont want anything else, just font size, font family and bold or italic (which I can do). My other rant is about password, wherever I have to change it, ive never found it, subsequently everytime I have to log in I have to report my password as lost, generate a new one, go to my mail etc. Boring.

The human reason I dont blog so often, appart from being lazy, is that many of the thoughts I have or things I have a “potentially” interesting opinion on are non-IT related, and I suppose I’ve always felt this blog was my work-based output, so maybe ill change that, and change my blogging provider.

Thats it really, hopefully when I read this tommorrow it will remind me to do something about it.